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Your Business is defined by your People


Your business is defined by your people. And this is where many business owners struggle to pick the right staff. We’ve harnessed the best of Artificial Intelligence and personality sciences to make this incredibly easy and accurate.


Enabling the workforce of the future is competencies driven. People analytics drives business performance. Data driven HR accelerates on Workforce Shaping, Employee Experience, Purpose and Culture and Workforce insights and is Unintended Bias, Cultural Competency, Bystander Awareness and Avoiding Stereotyping

Remote Hiring

Remote hiring is the new standard. Our AI chatbot works from any place and the big 5 personality profile is highly recommended as assessment. As an extra traits finder matches direclty on soft- and hard skills and shows you the best candidates who reacted on your job application

The Future of recruiting

Get personality insights, before the first interview.
Personality matching by the most powerful computer in the world.

No human filters, reducing your BIAS.

Time and cost reduction by speeding up your recruitment process.

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Why AI-chatbot is the
next big thing in HR?



Finding the right Talent and engage with the best Candidate Experience, unbiased and less mis-hires



Create an environment and culture of trust and growth with feedback, personal leadership. Shaping the workforce of the future and the employee experience with insights of data

Data driven HR By ai Chatbot


What people say?

"Insights from Traits finder drove a 30% lift in our candidate conversions. Hereby improving engagement and speed in our candidate journey. Having the personality insights enabled us to make better hiring decisions"

Wayne Banks
Advisory PractiCe - Director, workday
"The Traits finder assessment Chatbot is an easy to use solution to gain insights in both the hard and soft skills of our candidates. Spot-on Big 5 personality profiles are included to a candidate profile by the use of linguistic analysis. This is adding value to any selection process"
Kim Lokenberg
founder, the lokenbergs

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Big 5 versus others

The  has the most popular appeal of all personality systems. The Big 5 however is more popular in scientific discourse.  

The Enneagram, The Big 5 and the MBTI make out the big three, top most used personality tests worldwide. There is also a runner up model called DiSC. Which one should you use? Let’s look at their main takeaways.

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Traits finder

Traits finder Imagine a solution that lets you know which candidates are the right fit for the job and your business. So you can get back to the things that matter.

   TalentCulture has helped thousands of professionals to be heard in their organization and made positive contributions. Motivation and engagement while feeling appreciated on the job.


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